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Soil Poisoning Pretoria

Our Treatment Process

These treatments are recommended before any structure is built to prevent infestation of termites.  A surface spray will be sprayed with a high-pressure pump on all trenches, compacted soil and surface beds where termites can move through to protect the building against termites, before the concrete slab is thrown.  These treated areas are covered with plastic sheets as soon as possible after treatment. This will prevent chemicals from being washed away by rainwater and/or the sun breaking down the chemicals. After this treatment the concrete slab is thrown. This chemical lies on the soil and binds with the soil creating a barrier as well as exterminating active colonies so that the termites cannot move through to gain access into a structure, building, house etc.

All homes, structures, buildings, regardless of their construction type, can become a source of food for termites. If any type of wood is present, the termites alert the rest of the colony and the feeding frenzy begins. Soil Poisoning is a very effective treatment to prevent a termite infestation.

Once a Pre-Soil Treatment was done a 5-year Guarantee as well as a Certificate will be issued for the foundation of the house / building that was treated.

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