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Ants and Ant Control Pretoria

Our Treatment Process

Surface spray treatments with a residual action of up to 6 weeks will be applied on the inside of your house against the sides and skirtings to create a barrier for ants and to stop them from entering your house from the outside to enter your premises on the inside. Outside perimeter treatments against the walls of the house, paving’s around the house, cracks and crevices, and all active nests will be treated.  Ant gel can also be applied in sensitive areas like baby rooms, kitchens, windowsills and allocated affected areas for long lasting effect.

Our employees are well trained, and they know exactly what treatment would work for your specific need or problem when the work will commence.

A follow-up treatment can be done in 60 days if there are still active ants after the 1st treatment was done. (Only a call out fee will be charged for the 2nd treatment if it’s necessary)

More About Ants

There are more than 8800 species of ants found on our planet. Ants are everywhere and they can be a nuisance around your workplace and home. Ants are social insects living in colonies comprising of one or a few queens. The queen generally stays deep and safe within the nest. Most ants that you see are workers and these are all females. Depending on species, workers may be similar in size, or come in a range of sizes.

There is no actual way of preventing ants from entering your home.  Some way of decreasing ant activity around your house or premises is to remove or clean any food source that is lying around like bread crumbs, sugars, flour, maize, syrups, sweets as these are is all attractive nutrients that ants thrive on.

Ants and termites are sometimes mistaken for each other, however they are very different insect groups.

Several key features help to identify them correctly:


Ants:            Elbowed

Termites:     Simple String of bead like segments


Ants:           Compound eyes present

Termites:     No eyes


Ants:           3 Segments

Termites:     2 Segments

Life cycle

Ants:             Complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa, adult

Termites:    Incomplete metamorphosis: egg, nymph, adult (no pupal stage)


Ants:            Ants are scavengers, with different species foraging for different foods. Some ants live within damp/decaying wood, but do not actually eat the wood.

Termites:     termites are plant tissue specialists, feeding on wood and grasses, and some species can cause extensive damage to buildings and trees through their feeding and nesting habits

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